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The Reverend Brian Heron is the Presbyter for Vision and Mission for the Presbytery of the Cascades, a geographic region that includes 96 churches in western Oregon, southern Washington and the border of California. Brian has a deep love for the rhythms and the traditions of the Church even as he also explores the emerging spiritualities of his contemporaries. The Presbytery of the Cascades believes that the Church may be experiencing an historic shift as churches experience both decades long decline and the emergence of new worship styles, experimental liturgies and shifting mission priorities.

Brian will be reflecting on this shift through regular blog posts as he walks his way through the church’s weekly lectionary texts, considers his conversations with church leaders, and listens to the wisdom of the community in which our churches minister and serve.

This is an invitation to take this journey with him as we live into a new vision and rediscover our common mission to the world.

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