Dear Readers,

I am currently in Wisconsin assisting my sister in the care of my mother who has been put on end-of-life care. I came across this article during one of my freer moments. Not only does it allow me to post a blog without much effort; it also gives our congregations and their leaders a peek into the possible future of our churches, Christian community, and whatever new old thing God seems to be doing in this time.

CommunityI wanted to forward it to you as it contained many of the elements that I am watching emerge in churches who are successfully engaging with their changing neighborhoods and community. I can think of at least thirty churches in our own presbytery that are already employing these principles in new creative ways. We are ready for this!

The article is “Re-designing Church for the 21st Century.” This is definitely worth the read and a potential discussion at Session or with a Vision Team. Their four key points are below, but I would especially emphasize the first and the last as they mirror basic starting point assumptions I am carrying into this “Vision and Mission” work that reflects my title.

  • Community first, church second;
  • Partnerships that matter;
  • Incremental design;
  • Sense of adventure and creativity

I won’t say anything more about this now except to just encourage you to read the article and ask yourself, “Is This Our 10-Year Plan?”

When I return from Wisconsin we can talk about it more! Save me a place at the table. I like my coffee black and bold and my beer bitter and cold!


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